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September 2015

Pope jumps the shark

He met Kim Davis apparently, and now he’s not so cool any more.

Like a boss

My name is Raghuram Rajan and I do what I do

He’s been named the best banker, but he’s so cool.

Matt Damon

This is a random statement. Dude, you were the dude. Why?


Somewhere he lost the plot in extempore.

Even conspiracy theorist are getting ridiculous

Obama Caught With ‘Devil’s Horns’ Once Again — Satanic Baphomet Signifies ‘Birthing Of A New Order,’ Conspiracy Theorists Say

Just how guilty is Volkswagen?

It is worth citing Glazer’s Law, which is designed to classify explanations for microeconomic puzzles: “It’s either taxes or fraud”


Rather unfair no? At least blur their faces?



How to laugh a little more

Kim Davis news

Post title written with caution, and no spoilers.

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