A few days back this video surfaced on facebook, via this group called “Mouldy Mighty Meaty Memes That Melt In Your Mother’s Musty Minge”, about this girl who speaks Americanese. Here’s the video for reference:

The comments on that thread and the reshared thread were pretty cruel. You know, how american kids are stupid, and the valley girls are worst of the lot, and she’s probably the spawn of Trump and Palin. I just randomly opened the channel linked on the thread, and saw that she had us fooled, and I was shocked that I didn’t see through it. What none of us realised was this is one class act of a comedienne, with very good acting skills and very wry humour, which fools everyone initially since we automatically pigeonhole her into the valley girl framework due to that pretty face.

Watch the one about Trump, and you’ll know why. It’s just too funny, especially when she says, “He’s cheating on me with his wife”.

Now I get to know that you, Pupinia Stewart, have achieved something that none of us could ever think of achieving — trolling reddit. Full story here –


Yes, I get that now that her cover is blown, she won’t be able to pull it off, but then we believed Colbert being Colbert for years, and I am pretty sure there are millions of dumb people in the world who’ll fall for your dumb blonde act over and over again. Grade A+ on trolling.