I had a self-imposed embargo on Indrani, but this, via @anandanjaria on twitter, is just too good not to share. (Keep them coming, please?)
In any case, it starts off with a blast:

Sanjeev Khanna was in seat 43A. This reporter was in seat 41D

Then it continues…

When the dinner trolley trundled in, Khanna said: “Non-veg.” The cops accompanying him opted for “Veg”. Khanna had a full meal of rice, chicken curry, dal, roti and curd. He rounded it off with a cup of butterscotch ice-cream.

When the crew came around to serve tea/coffee, Khanna said: “Coffee.”

When the coffee was served to him, Khanna said a polite: “Thank you.”

A little while later one of the cops asked for a blanket. Once the blanket arrived, Khanna took it from the cop. “You had asked for one in the morning as well,” the cop told Khanna, who just smiled back. With the blanket in place, Khanna gazed out of the window for a while and then dozed off

I see what you did there Mr. Reporter. Very good work.

  1. Non-veg and coffee imply tamasic diet, which fuels evil emotions like anger and rage.
  2. Ice-cream implies he did it in cold blood.
  3. Chicken curry AND dal both? That and repeated requests for blankets show a sense of entitlement, which is wrong.
  4. Nice touch there, the use of the word ‘trundled’ for the trolley.

As far as I am concerned on the basis of your reporting, the case is closed. Call Arnab, he could use your help. However, one mystery still remains, he was in 43A, a window seat. You were two rows ahead in 41D in the aisle seat. How did you manage to see and hear so much? Dude, please tell us.

Full article here.