Back when the original Pacquiao-mayweather “big fight” happened, and when Pacquiao lost I did the first thing I’m taught to do in such situations, question motive.
Who stands to gain from this?
Why the showboating?
Why the routine thanking of HBO?
Why go on and on about “last fight” in September? And then the loss.

All of which pointed in one direction that there has to be a rematch. I made up a huge conspiracy theory thing with the co-author who’s not doing his job of plugging the blog.

With the sheer number of TV series which have made their way to Netflix, and the quality of these productions, and can be binge-watched instead of waiting week after week to know what happens next, and then opt for the illegal downloads options because the channels in different geographies won’t air it simultaneously. So what to do? Opt for PPV, and do it with something that still creates interest. Sport.

I was pretty sure that there would be at least one request a couple of months later, and it didn’t come. I’d just about forgotten about it, and now, here it is.

After a report found that Floyd Mayweather took a banned IV before his fight with Manny Pacquiao in May, Pacquaio wants the Nevada State Athletic Commission to punish Mayweather and is demanding a rematch.

Now we wait.