I won’t waste your time writing about techniques and first serves and first set, and topspin, two-handed backhand, SABR, and all the stats. So here –

You have to give it to Djokovic, his grit is incomparable. He.Just.Doesn’t.Relent. The first game of first set felt like a tiebreaker in the fifth, and soon after, he had the nastiest fall, but he continued to play. I was surprised he played that game and the next, losing both, without calling for medical attention he’s most famous for. He just doesn’t relent.

With the crowd booing, and everything that goes with it, he just doesn’t relent.

Like Konga points out in his sublime tweet.

We have no respect for the ones who try harder vs the more gifted ,because trying harder is something losers like us can always do ..

These are the people, among many others, who called it (including rain delay adjustments)

Co-author/fellow wastefellow:

And before that, one Fed fan.

Even then, dude Djoko, please teach us that grit and we’ll all learn in life for the better.