Grantland can make a sport article look like a piece of high literature. The article is really worth a read. Some excerpts:

Do you remember the Valley of Ashes, from The Great Gatsby? The bleak, impoverished plain of coal ash and garbage that you have to cross to get from the fancy hotels in New York to the fancy parties out on Long Island? That’s where they play the tournament now. On top of it. In the late 1930s, the ashes were cleared to make the park, Flushing Meadows.

I do think the crowd’s behaviour yesterday was despicable, I’d have just said “Horrible crowd is horrible”. Yet, this is how the author describes it:

Seriously, what are Novak’s weaknesses at this point? He’s become the mentally strongest mentally fragile athlete I’ve ever seen. I think the crowd still gets to him, I think he still wants to be embraced and celebrated in a way he hasn’t quite been, but somehow he’s figured out how to turn even his vulnerability into a source of brilliant tennis. After a great shot he’ll flash that look of wounded, nostril-flared, defiant, pleading supremacy, like: You hurt me into playing like this.

I love sport, and the reason I like it even more is because it is the only pure form of reporting left, and it’s just insane to read some of these beautifully crafted articles.