I didn’t bother to watch the debate and this is the only clip I did where Carly discusses Iran and planned parenthood in the same sentence. It was very confusing, since it was the mother of non-sequiturs.

On day one in the Oval office I will make two phone calls the first to my good friend Bibi Netanyahu to assure him we will stand with the state of Israel. The second to the Supreme leader to tell him that unless and until he opens every nuclear facility to real anytime inspections by our people not his,we the United States of America will make it as difficult as possible to move money around the global financial system.

I obviously assumed that the second call was for planned parenthood, and supreme leader meant the Pope or such till I realised she’s still talking about Foreign policy, and nickname dropping, and randomly issuing a threat. Dude, Carly, please, 3 year olds have a better chain of thought.

Salon does a better jobal at analysing this.