Ever so often, I outrage, which means it’s every other minute. But I still can’t outdo Arnab. He’s made my mother and me and our arguments look normal.
My brother and I used to watch Newshour recently during my brief stint in Bangalore for fifteen minutes, much to the chagrin of my sister-in-law and my niece and I used to savour the silence which comes with turning Arnab off. Given he’s usually permanently in heat, it’s a huge task.

But enough about his yelling, this interview. I’m very close to my father, borderline his sidekick, and he and I don’t talk much,  not because of anything, but because it’s sometimes awkward. So a father not talking to his child is not strange, despite lack of complications, in my case. And this looks like a rather dysfunctional family.

Here Ornob goes for the jugular, and forces the lack of communication down the throat with the sublime opening line of,
“You’re Indrani’s first husband. Were you married to her?”
“Why did you suddenly feel like speaking to her?”
“You say you were concerned about your children, one phone call? Is that concern?”

Don’t bother watching. I’ve seen about three minutes of it.

Solpa slack has to be given, dude. That guy had nothing to do with anything.