Don’t intend to be preachy, but this cracked me up.


(Img via pajiba)

As a parent, we want to raise our children to know they are special, they are brave, they are strong, they are powerful, they can achieve anything and that they are loved no matter what. This stuff is important. But in terms of practical, real-life situations, we should be doing better. We owe our children this. So, take a pause from “Kenzylee Shastasprite, you’re the most sparkly snowflake and can be president one day” and teach your kids what really matters. They’ll thank you for it one day.

The other one that gives me a lot of happiness is Grant Snider’s beautiful piece on life with a toddler. Just click, you won’t regret it. I’ve been subjected to this many times by my nieces. Snippet:


Edit: I have no knowledge of parenthood.