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October 2015

Software development, in summary.

Let one bug go out, let ten in. How many times has this happened?

PS: This particular Calvin is very hard to find because it doesn’t have any words, and so it’s hard to find on any of the search engines.



Food rule

It reminds me of the old adage someone taught me, “Of the two/three/four legged things, I don’t eat tables and chairs. Of the flying things, I don’t eat aeroplanes.” Shrimps, oysters, and squids are confusing, indeed.


Google bought that domain because Alphabet, a bit much I’d say, but okay. Thankfully they don’t have to worry about phonetic languages like Hindi, because they’ll have to buy the “a ki maatra”, “aa ki matra”, etc.

Gaye hamari maata hai

Sometimes things border on surreal.
‘Cow’ should be national animal of India. Just catch one now and put it in the zoo just in case they get endangered, and future generations are never able to see one. But then again, if they’re there in abundance, they  should get that status.

For info, ‘Crane’ is the national bird of this urban jungle called Singapore. All over, everywhere, in abundance.

Jade laptop


This is one of the most brilliant exchanges I’ve read, and the inclusion of Singlish makes it funnier, to me.

Original tweet here by @rajupp:

Harvard’s prestigious debate team loses to New York prison inmates | Education | The Guardian

Such a heartwarming story.

“There are few teams we are prouder of having lost a debate to than the phenomenally intelligent and articulate team we faced this weekend,” they wrote. “And we are incredibly thankful to Bard and the eastern New York correctional facility for the work they do and for organizing this event.”

/v @suketutalekar on twitter.

Is social media bad for a relationship? | Comment | Voices | The Independent

Welcome to relationship paranoia 2015. As another Instagram-happy friend put it: “We’re all amateur sleuths trying to work it all out. He sent this many messages at this time of night so he must be having an affair!”

Colbert on the shootings.

Stephen Colbert Addresses National Tragedy for the First Time Without Pretending to Be Someone Else. Watch.

“I think pretending is part of the problem. These things happen over and over again and we are naturally horrified and shocked when we hear about them, but then we change nothing and we pretend that it won’t happen again. Some say the answer is stricter gun laws, some say the answer is better mental care, that we need better treatment, or just keep the guns out of the hands of the insane. Maybe it’s both. I honestly don’t know.

Who painted Mona Lisa

Leonardo DiCaprio just added another impressive feat to his long list of accomplishments: painting the Mona Lisa.

Give him the Oscar, naaaaoooww.

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