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November 2015

Sanskari Censor Board Chief vs. Arnab

I stopped watching Arnab a while back, and max tolerance for him is exactly 5 mins after which I meditate or something. Today might be the first time I tolerated him until the end, and I’ll go all buzzfeed on you.

The event was Pahlaj Nihalani on newshour which everyone was talking about. The case to be solved was the Bond movie cutting 20 seconds off a kissing scene between Monica Bellucci and Daniel Craig. [“How do you derive 20 seconds? Why not 21? Or 19?”]

Anyway it’s bordering on surreal, that debate, where we’re mostly grateful the two participants don’t have Machetes. Just look at the hands?



Arnab being Arnab asks pertinent koschens like “Are you living in a real world?”
“Why did you make bad movies?”
“Why did you approve the censorship when you haven’t even seen the movie?”

Pahlaj has very good responses, like any responsible panelist:
“My movies were hits.”
“It’s in the code.”

The sucker punch comes with the —
“Have you seen my movie in the theatre to call it vulgar?

Then there’s this exchange about sanskaar.



My three favourite ones:

“How do you think a gangster will express his anger? ‘….krodh prakat…’?”



And this:


Wow. Just, wow.


The brilliance never ceases to amaze me.

ISIS In America? Ben Carson, Ann Coulter, And Marco Rubio Say Refugees From Syria Are A Terrorist Risk

Denied Nobel prize


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